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Customers Say

"Our partnership with TIS has helped TransCentra deliver the most complete ECM solutions on the market. Our successful experience implementing eFLOW and TIS’ Mobile Capture Suite with some of the largest financial services organizations in the US has proven the technology in rigorous, real world situations time and again." Lynn Boggs
CEO, TransCentra
"We chose TIS because of their proven track record. TIS has the technology and expertise to help us achieve the cost savings and process efficiency we were looking for.
June O'Donnell
Chief Accounting Officer, CNH America LLC
"We chose the TIS solution primarily due to its high level of recognition and classification, accuracy and abilities for straight through processing. Moreover, it has a uniquely efficient workflow for the completion of unrecognized documents. We are pleased to have found a committed partner in TIS, and over the last 14 years a lot of projects for more than 100 clients on the eFLOW platform have been a big success.
Ferdinand Kühner,
Managing Director, Deutsche Post
"One single platform allows us to optimize all stages of processing. The entire process was simplified and sped up, giving us full control and transparency." Gerhard Eichenbaum
Central Services Manager,  ARZ
"The partnership between Braintribe and TIS created a comprehensive and powerful solution, allowing Scanpoint / Austrian Post to efficiently index and classify millions of documents received annually." Stefan Ebner,
CEO, Braintribe
"In TIS, Generali found a partner who is able to support us perfectly in our strategy to continually improve quality and speed of service for our customers and partners." Dimiter Kurtev
Document Management Team Leader, Generali Group
"eFLOW is a powerful and flexible platform that allows us to process our complex mailroom quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

Carsten Crombach
"HML, the UK and Ireland’s leading third-party mortgage administration company, has won a Gartner Business Process Management (BPM) Excellence Award for EMEA 2014 (following) the introduction of new technology (that) improves customer experience.... HML adopted the TIS eFLOW® Digital Mailroom alongside its IBM Business Process Manager to accurately and automatically capture, classify and index incoming letters and faxes. Within a 7 month period, almost £500K savings had been made, with a further £50K subsequently saved.

Paul Swinson, Programme Manager
"“To excel in the competitive banking market, Raiffeisen must be able to maximize our responsiveness to customers and partners and the efficiency of our routine operations. eFLOW is helping us achieve these goals by automating and accelerating our banking processes, significantly increasing our rates of straight through processing.”"
Ulfried Paier
Managing Director
Raiffeisen Informatik Center Steiermark GmbH


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