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    Top Image Systems™ (TIS™) Investors Overview

    Top Image Systems (NasdaqCM: TISA) is a public company whose shares are traded on NASDAQ and on the TASE.

    Top Image Systems (TIS) is a leader in the Enterprise Content Management market (ECM). With over 130 employees, TIS provides organizations around the globe with the solutions and technology to transform any information entering the company into useful and accessible data that can then be redistributed into any application that drives the enterprise.

    The Company delivers its solutions through a network of distributors, system integrators, value added resellers and partners. Its customers include Fortune 100 companies, as well as governments and institutions.

    TIS Financials at a Glance:




    Market Cap:

    52 Week High:

    52 Week Low:

    Shares outstanding:

    Fiscal year end:



    $1.27 (5/3/11)

    $11.94 million



    9.40 million

    December 31

  • Partners

    TIS’s channel program is the framework for delivering valuable benefits to help you succeed in the market and strengthen our mutual relationship. Joining the program offers you access to the knowledge resources you need to sell TIS based solutions – solutions that deliver cost savings, increased productivity, visibility and compliance. We provide three levels in the Partner Program: Authorized, Certified and Elite to cater for your needs.

    Through the TIS partner community you can develop deeper consultative selling, solution skills and product expertise. This leads to higher margins and competitive advantages, as well as opening the door to new and more complex business opportunities.

    Partner with TIS and put power behind your solutions for document-driven business process automation and ECM workflow. TIS values your expertise in leading products and solutions and we look to provide in partnership with you an end-to-end solution for your customers.

    If you are interested in learning more about the opportunity to partner with TIS please fill in the form below:

  • Support
  • Services

    As the quality of service increasingly becomes a major factor in business today, a responsive and cost- effective Customer Service Center becomes more essential than ever.

    TIS is proud of its Customer Support System that enables our service representatives to respond immediately to your unique needs and provide efficient communication across multiple channels.

    For more information Support section.

    Also, for our valued customers and partners, we offer an additional service - Training. Our training team trains and qualifies our partners and customers on our products. TIS product training courses are available in Europe, US and Israel.

    For more information Training section.

    • Training

      TIS is Proud to Present our Customer Training Department

      Our eFLOW Training Program provides our customers with all the necessary information to understand, build and design applications using the eFLOW Unified Content Platform.

      Training courses include:

      Working with the eFLOW Platform

      The eFLOW Platform Course provides an overview of the eFLOW platform and its components: Integra for structured forms, Freedom for semi-structured forms and Smart for unstructured forms. The course is tailored to meet the participants’ specific needs and is delivered at Basic and Advanced levels.

      eFLOW Platform - Basic Level Course

      The Basic Level course teaches participants to create, design and build basic applications and to be able to implement eFLOW's run-time modules.

      eFLOW Platform - Advanced Course

      The Advanced Course covers advanced script tuning and full-page engine tuning used also for eFLOW mailroom solutions.  The course also covers different tips and tricks that allow users to tweak the system and get the most out of eFLOW Platform technologies.  

      The prerequisite for the eFLOW Platform Advanced Course is eFLOW Basic Level certification as well as previous experience with Freedom. No programming knowledge is required.

      eFLOW  - Advanced Programming Course

      The Advanced Programming Course teaches participants how to customize, design and build advanced applications. It provides a more in-depth understanding of the eFLOW Invoice solution, its various modules and the CSM – Client Service module.

      The prerequisite for the Advanced Programming Course is programming skills along with eFLOW Basic Level certification.

      Courses are Available Worldwide in a Variety of Languages

      In addition to our standard courses, customized courses can be arranged (on-site or at company headquarters).

      To register for a training course, please download the registration form here.

  • Solutions

    Based on one end-to-end solution, we automatically, efficiently and accurately perform document capture and process, classify, validate and integrate the data within your:

    • Supplier invoices
    • Purchase orders
    • Accounts payables and receivables
    • Cheques
    • Bills of lading
    • Health claims
    • Application forms
    • Letters and memos
    • Airline coupons
    • And any incoming mail items into one single, consistent process.

    Whether answering your accounts payable needs, increasing internal control to ensure compliance or replacing tedious mailroom procedures with automated mailroom solution, we provide the best business process management practices, with measurable success factors and proven ROI.

    We understand that you want a solution that answers your specific needs and solves your problems. We know that your business practices are unique to your industry and enterprise.

    Founded on vast experience acquired through the execution of large, complex and diversified projects all around the globe, TIS offers you a set of effective, flexible and highly sophisticated solutions to answer your specific needs. Our offer includes consulting, training and support services, tailored to your specific application.

    We have gained a deep and rich insight into the ways businesses similar to yours are working all over the world. Thus, we can simplify the process and rationalize your document handling and data flow.

    Our solution, eFLOW Unified Content Platform performs business-critical key data capture lying within incoming documents (paper forms, eForms, fax, image files, microfiche and electronic). eFLOW suite then processes the information, makes document classification, validates, and directs the data to the people who need it most, or to any business application being served, whether a database, SAP, Oracle or other CRM and ERP systems.

    eFLOW Unified Content Platform is an end-to-end solution, based on a single platform, that provides "best practices" business process management, improved communication, enhanced compliance, and a return on investment in typically less than one year.

    Better Compliance – eFLOW improves management and retrievability of data. Utilizing automated invoice capture, it also reduces duplicate payments and insertion of incorrect information in your corporate databases. eFLOW also processes your data, providing reports and statistics concerning your documents, and provides you with ways to measure the performance of operators, workgroups and the whole system itself.

    eFLOW is designed to work with various ERP, finance and purchasing systems, allowing organizations to retain and exploit the inherent value in their legacy systems.

    From insurance to banking; transportation to postal services and more - this is how eFLOW can work for you.

    The twin realities of tight budgets and a difficult economic environment continually press companies to focus on aggressive return-on-investment (ROI) schedules. eFLOW provides forms processing efficiency, accurate information and improved throughput, all leading to significant savings and rapid ROI.

    • Overview

      The eFLOW Unified Content Platform is a group of modular solutions offering businesses advanced data capture ability in one single, common infrastructure.

      With the ability to process forms for both paper based and electronic documents, eFLOW’s advanced modules can handle structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents, and deliver the data into your business information system including SAP, Oracle and others.

      Based on groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence (AI), eFLOW provides a single point of contact to ensure effective management and one set of business rules. eFLOW allows measurable enhancements in company operations, whilst leading to significant reduction in costs, with improved internal control and compliance, and fast ROI.


      eFLOW - data capture and delivery streamlined

      Capturethe gateway of the system. eFLOW captures the details to be processed from all the different data sources including scanning forms, invoices, faxes and eForms and transforms this information into electronic images. Theses images are enhanced and orientated correctly, with colour and unnecessary information being removed. The images are then put together into numbered batches. eFLOW\'s data capture supports all scanners manufactured by leading vendors.

      ClassifyBy using sophisticated learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, eFLOW automatically sorts documents into groups and identifies the destination within the company for each document, providing efficient document classification.

      ProcessWhen it comes to processing, the actual data is extracted using Smart, Freedom and Integra modules. eFLOW identifies the type of document to be processed and picks the most suitable recognition technology using logical rules, keywords, advanced colour-processing capabilities, artificial intelligent and sophisticated learning algorithms.
      eFLOW recognises and interprets the captured data while validating it against existing data in the company’s systems, whether a database or SAP, Oracle or other CRM and ERP systems.
      eFLOW’s ability to “learn” means it can read and understand both new and previously unseen documents, so will continue to improve over time.
      eFLOW understands handwriting, machine print, bar codes and mark fields, and it offers statistics in real time on the documents being processed.

      Validate - eFLOW allows a variety of rules, completions and other procedures to be implemented. Particular fields as well as unrecognised data are manually checked and completed with or without the assistance of data dictionaries, business rules and completion functions in order to achieve the ultimate level of accuracy.
      The complete information is automatically validated against existing data in the company’s systems, internal or external databases or SAP, Oracle or other CRM and ERP systems.

      DelivereFLOW then delivers the data and documents to its approval workflow module. Information can also be delivered into wide variety of ERP, CRM, ECM or financial and workflow systems, including SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Documentum, and Filenet, allowing businesses to retain and exploit the inherent value in their existing systems.

      InformationeFLOW saves all extracted data, along with the scanned image, in a single depository, ensuring that this information is easily retrievable from anywhere in the world and always accessible at a moments notice.

      There are no limits to the number documents or types of document that can be processed, so as your business grows or your requirements change you can simply add capacity to accommodate your company’s new developments. At any point you can add capacity, integration, workflow, process monitoring, process archive and customised functionality. The benefit of a comprehensive platform is that it can process any type and volume of documents, minimising the overhead and lessons the learning curve.

    • Business Processes
      eFLOW™ offers a variety of solutions that manage all of an enterprise’s complex and varied document-driven business processes on one single platform that is wide and powerful enough to address them all intelligently.

      Implementing one comprehensive, uniform system to maintain complete control over the ever-increasing volumes of content that the enterprise processes each day, automatically understanding this content, managing and directing it to the correct destination within the organization in real-time, significantly optimizes operational efficiency.

      eFLOW’s integrated and modular architecture is flexible, scalable and responsive to the enterprise's dynamic needs. That’s what makes eFLOW a real game-changer in the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions market.
    • Industry Solutions

      TIS has developed great expertise in providing innovative solutions to a range of vertical markets in both the private and public sectors. Thanks to its versatility and flexibility, the platform can be tailored to meet the needs of virtually any industry segment.

      With eFLOW™ these clients gain a remarkable improvement in business process efficiency while greatly reducing their operating costs.

      A selection of the industries using the eFLOW solution:

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  • Corporate
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