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  • How it Works

    Dynamic capture & workflow platform

    eFLOW is a document process automation platform powerful enough to drive a wide range of business processes—from digital mailroom to customer on-boarding and communications to financial process automation and more.

    How it works

    First, eFLOW collects information from different types of inbound documents, then transforms the collected information into actionable data and finally, delivers that data to ERP, CRM, ECM systems for further processing.

    An integrated workflow engine gives the eFLOW platform the power to automate end-to-end document-centric processes in accordance with specific business rules. Modular functionality makes it flexible enough to address the complex and wide-ranging requirements of enterprises:

    • Accounts Payable: Automate the capture, validation and payment of all invoices—regardless of format, size, or language. Our customers use eFLOW to process more than 260 million invoices annually.
    • Digital Mailroom: Automate mail delivery so that every inbound item is accurately prioritized and routed to its correct destination. Large global enterprises that use eFLOW for digital mailroom automation can proactively assess incoming issues and respond immediately to manage their businesses more effectively.
    • Banking Process Management: Banks use eFLOW to digitize, automate and streamline document-centric processes such as account opening, lockbox, mortgage processing and loan origination in a manner that complies with KYC (Know Your Customer), four-eyes and other relevant industry standards and regulations.

    Now, businesses can capture and recognize any document, anywhere, on a mobile device with eFLOW mobile capture technology, mobiFLOW.

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    Your business process professionals design capture workflow processes that best fit the way you work

  • Benefits

    Straight-through processing. When you set powerful artificial intelligence algorithms and over 20 OCR engines to the task of automating content recognition, you may just eliminate the need for intervention. eFLOW can recognize incoming documents in complete context related to other materials, enabling faster and more accurate recognition and classification.

    Increased information-handling efficiency. Capture data up to 80% faster and reduce the need for labor-intensive, error-prone manual tasks—it’s a win-win. You slash operating costs, and you get to re-assign staff to higher value services.

    Easy implementation. The platform’s visual application enables the implementation of a complete solution quickly and easily with features like click-once installation, single sign-on and online license activation. Your customer has the choice of either a centralized or decentralized mode of operation.

    Happy, empowered employees. From integrated mobile capture to drag-and-drop recognition flow, we’ve made this sophisticated platform easy to understand and use, considering the user experience at every step. Employees get immediate access to the content they need, from all areas of the business. The resulting workflow and process improvements free up employees to focus on high-value tasks.

    Newfound agility and innovation. Because eFLOW is infinitely scalable, you gain the ability to quickly and easily adapt to changes, without draining existing resources. Further, by automating much of the transactional work, your staff have time to devote to more creative tasks and to help keep your company ahead of the competitors.

    Dramatically improved communications. Web-based archive and workflow functionality streamline communication for both internal and external users, regardless of their location.

    Flexible architecture. The open, scalable and flexible architecture allows you to develop a wide range of applications, from desktop, stand-alone applications through to high-volume, network-based, remote and local systems.

    Wide-ranging integration. Support for the XML standard means easy interchange of documents between systems and applications in a standard format. The open architecture allows for integration with all major content management, ERP, CRM and workflow systems, as well as with all major multi-function printers and scanners.

    Exceptional performance. Cloud and web-enabled architecture and interfaces support use of stateless, interchangeable servers and enables load-balancing to ensure optimal performance of all stations at all times, deciding automatically which server will handle requests and when.

    Control and continuous improvement. Easy-to-use process management monitoring and supervision tools give your users the power to measure and improve document processing operations.

    Shave risk, sharpen compliance. Rapid data archiving and retrieval gives you superior control of information throughout its life-cycle. All data is managed and stored to facilitate compliance with internal policies, industry regulations and legal requirements.

  • References

    Why take our word for it?

    Read what the experts are saying about document process automation in the news. Explore the ways our partners and customers are using the dynamic capture and workflow platform, eFLOW, to drive their business processes.

    Customer quoteeFLOW has been recognized by Forrester Research as one of the top five multichannel capture solutions, being the only solution to score 5 out of 5 in both ‘Intelligent Data Capture’ and ‘OCR Support’ categories.


    Customer quote“The important factor is to ensure that the capture platforms and workflow support systems that are put in place to transform those initial journeys are capable of step-and-repeat, as additional processes are brought in line.”       — McKinsey, “Unlocking digital value in customer journeys”


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    The highest throughput, minimum operator intervention, maximum document recognition success—ready to find out how the eFLOW platform can transform your organization’s incoming data?
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