Our Support Team is Available to Take your Call Right Now...

TIS is focused on continuously improving our ability to meet our customers' enterprise capture and imaging needs. Working globally, providing multilingual support, and availability 24x7, our support team is world-class.

TIS operates a sophisticated, responsive, online Customer Support Center that offers clients convenient access to the information they need, when they need it, via various media channels, including via our eService platform which allows us to offer you the most up-to-date support technology and address priority issues without delay.

  • eService – TIS’s internet-based Customer Support Center (CSC) uses a system called eService, allowing us to offer you leading-edge support technology. With an online solutions database, TIS Technical Support is prepared to address priority issues in a timely manner, along with packages of support that fit your needs and budget. Our eService provides 24-hours-a-day access to the support database, enabling you to enter your support calls and comments at any time, as well as to check the status of any open issues.
  • Technical Forum - Access to the Technical Forum allows the sharing of valuable knowledge between users
  • TIS Knowledgebase – Customers can access the Knowledgebase at any time for product documentation, support tools and troubleshooting guidelines
  • CORD – Our support team includes a CORD (Customer Oriented R&D) manager who has an R&D background. We find that this is an optimal way to build the important bridge between Support and R&D issues
  • Technical Support Team – Our technical experts form a responsive team providing support to all our customers and ensuring that the Knowledgebase remains a useful, up-to-date tool.