TIS is Proud to Present our Customer Training Department

Our eFLOW Training Program provides our customers with all the necessary information to understand, build and design applications using the eFLOW Unified Content Platform.

Training courses include:

Working with the eFLOW Platform

The eFLOW Platform Course provides an overview of the eFLOW platform and its components: Integra for structured forms, Freedom for semi-structured forms and Smart for unstructured forms. The course is tailored to meet the participants’ specific needs and is delivered at Basic and Advanced levels.

eFLOW Platform - Basic Level Course

The Basic Level course teaches participants to create, design and build basic applications and to be able to implement eFLOW's run-time modules.

eFLOW Platform - Advanced Course

The Advanced Course covers advanced script tuning and full-page engine tuning used also for eFLOW mailroom solutions.  The course also covers different tips and tricks that allow users to tweak the system and get the most out of eFLOW Platform technologies.  

The prerequisite for the eFLOW Platform Advanced Course is eFLOW Basic Level certification as well as previous experience with Freedom. No programming knowledge is required.

eFLOW  - Advanced Programming Course

The Advanced Programming Course teaches participants how to customize, design and build advanced applications. It provides a more in-depth understanding of the eFLOW Invoice solution, its various modules and the CSM – Client Service module.

The prerequisite for the Advanced Programming Course is programming skills along with eFLOW Basic Level certification.

Courses are Available Worldwide in a Variety of Languages

In addition to our standard courses, customized courses can be arranged (on-site or at company headquarters).

To register for a training course, please download the registration form here.