Purchase to Payment (P2P)

A Completely Automated Process - from Purchase to Payment

Double payments, lost invoices, lack of transparency along the process, high cost and time-intensive processes, are all problems related to manually entering information into any ERP system.  

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When competition is rough, companies look for ways to improve efficiency, reduce costs, limit processing cycles and eliminate errors. eFLOW™ answers all these issues by automating the entire invoice document management workflow process from Purchase-to-Payment (P2P).

Over the past 20 years we have worked with organizations all over the world and developed a deep understanding of the needs and requirements of finance departments. Based on this knowledge we have designed comprehensive business software solutions addressing the pain points of the P2P cycle. The eFLOW suite provides complete Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) document classification, approval, and validation.

Invoice Data Capture & Processing

eFLOW captures invoices upon their arrival to the organization. Information is extracted and validated, and the data is fed directly through to the ERP and financial systems used by the organization. All invoice types are recognized, from any source (email, paper, fax), and multiple languages and currencies are also understood and processed.

eFLOW™ Invoice

Sales and Purchase Orders

Information from sales orders is captured and verified by eFLOW OCR software, and delivered directly to your ERP system. With eFLOW, data is captured up to 80% faster and improved data quality means turnaround times are significantly reduced and customer experience improved.

Sales and Purchase Orders Processing  

SAP Customers

eFLOW Invoice for SAP enables companies to maximize the investment in their SAP system. Integrating directly in to SAP, eFLOW removes the need for manual data entry and ensures data of the highest accuracy is available in SAP at the earliest opportunity for your finance teams to work upon.

eFLOW™ Invoice for SAP

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