Banking Process Management and Banking Process Automation with eFLOW

Expanding the Banking Platform to Include Mobile Remote Capture (MRC) for Check Deposit, Bill and Invoice Payments

Helping Banks Maximize Efficiency with Automated Electronic Document Management

Banks today are still recovering from the recent economic turmoil. Bankers face a host of challenges as they seek to improve the industry's health and foster long-term stable growth. Banks must focus on raising capital, improving their ratios, , increasing profits, making cost reductions while rebuilding profits and restoring client trust.  All the while competition in the industry remains fierce. Effective enterprise data capture solutions, resolving slow customer responsiveness, risk and fraud prevention challenges can improve the banks' competitve edge. 

Banks must determine their areas of specialization and focus their efforts on those markets, products and distribution channels they can manage efficiently, utilizing the appropriate technology to deliver sustainable business gain.

At the same time they need to be responsive to the changing market conditions and future banking environment, and get ready for the increasing demands of customers for convenient banking, anywhere at any time, as well as an improved branch experience.

The challenges of recovery presents many opportunities that executives should seize; banks must begin a transformation today to make sure they are fit, focused and ready to face any challenges standing between them and continued success.

Banks face many challenges, but the key business drivers are:

  • Delivery of significant efficiency gains and continuous cost reduction
  • Improving customer experience
  • Prevention of increased fraud
  • Changing legislation and regulatory environments
  • Increased competition from global players acting locally
  • Convergence and consolidation in the market
  • Globalization, in particular the battle for footholds in emerging markets
  • Competition from new entrants demanding agility
  • Erosion of margins
  • Ensuring effective risk management
  • Utilising technology as a key enabler for differentiation

Assurance for the Future: Scalable, Flexible Banking Process Platform

Top Image Systems™  Banking Solutions provides comprehensive, integrated solutions for banks, helping them to meet their business ambitions; – digitizing the enterprise, streamlining and automating operations, reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction, significantly enhancing processes and efficiency, whilst ensuring regulatory compliance and reducing risk.

For two decades TIS has worked with many of the world's leading banks, combining knowledge of banking markets worldwide with expertise of how technology is best applied to provide real solutions to business issues, delivering sustainable business gain. Our customers are based in more than 40 countries around the world and include over 60 national and international banks, including many Tier 1 global banks and shared services centers that are successfully using our solutions to give the best service to customers in the financial markets.

The TIS Banking Platform with Core Banking Systems 

We take pride in being able to deliver real and lasting value for banks. TIS excels in providing innovative, integrated solutions and services that set us apart from our competitors as a leading ECM application software provider to the financial services industry.

Our eFLOW™ Banking Platform accelerates business processes by serving as a gateway for any information entering the bank, whether paper based or electronic, in both the front and back office. eFLOW automatically captures, classifies and validates information from the incoming documents. Data is extracted using advanced recognition technology and validated against information supplied by Core Banking Systems. eFLOW sends the extracted data to ECM, ERP, Core Banking systems, CRM workflow and archive systems.

Digital Mailroom - Over the years TIS has gained unique expertise in the successful implementation of high-volume and complex mailroom automation projects worldwide. Our solution allows all channels of information to be unified in one platform, combined into a single workflow, with all incoming mail handled digitally to populate downstream business systems.

Forms Classification – Automatically extracts information from all types of forms in any format: paper, fax, internet, email, XML and digital images, and transfers the information to any system used by the enterprise.

Signature Verification- eFLOW Signature Verification provides automated verification for signatures on any type of document, including checks, with the highest degree of accuracy. Our specialized tool verifies signatures by comparing them to existing samples and identifies anomalies that may suggest forgery.

Check Processing  - eFLOW CPS (Check Processing Solution) provides banks end-to-end processing that streamlines check clearing processes for enhanced operational efficiency by reducing processing time and minimizing costs.  The solution is check-scanner independent and can scale down from large to small banks.  It incorporates all legs of the truncation system with customizable workflows for each. To download a brochure about the eFLOW Check Processing solution, click here.

The Value TIS Delivers

Cost reductions - Deliver multichannel cost reductions and improve banking ratios, such as cost income.

Fraud prevention, risk management and compliance – Prevent and detect fraud, protect reputation, secure and validate data, and meet regulatory requirements, and deliver auditability and traceability.

Business efficiencies - Lower transaction costs, more STP (Straight Through Processing) and automation, simplify customer on-boarding, streamline loan operations, improve payments, support business intelligence, improve productivity, make process efficiencies, and improve cash management.

Cost control - Savings in workforce and storage overheads.

IT efficiencies - SOA approach improves systems integration, delivers repeatable value and provides Banking IT services and process driven content management, enabling end-to-end solutions.

Data control – Accessible, auditable, managed and accurate information in real time.

Agility - The process driven approach enables banks to respond rapidly to changing demands. eFLOW's dynamic capabilities enable rapid change to business processes to deploy enhancements.

Customer relations - Managing customer relations in a more personalized way. High-speed business processes enable a better customer experience. Meet demands for convenient banking – available everywhere at any time, as well as an integrated branch experience. Improved customer relationship management and retention, and better response times.

Silent installation - Low cost deployment, ease of deployment and maintenance.

Banks today are looking for technology platforms that integrate the entire front and backend information management needs into one flexible, un-monolithic and modern architected platform, that fits in with Banks' stringent architectural requirements.

TIS's banking platform is based on our proven technology eFLOW. The open architecture allows the implementation of any module from the eFLOW suite, and the seamless integration to other applications in the branch, as well as between branches and the HQ.

The eFLOW platform delivers the technical infrastructure to manage and deploy complex ECM solutions from OCR/ICR scanning engines and , auto response services, and through to our business rules and workflow engines. Complex processes can be designed and deployed centrally or in distributed environments, where on or offline capabilities for branch operations can be delivered as part of the solution.

TIS's Banking platform enables ECM applications to be seamlessly integrated with existing and new banking solutions, e.g. Core Banking, Case Management , Risk and Compliance, Payment, CRM applications, Business Intelligence systems, existing enterprise workflow and document management systems; ensuring you gain maximum returns from investments made in your existing and legacy systems.

TIS Banking Solutions Landscape

  1. Front Office Relationship Manager
  2. Banking Back Office
  3. Enterprise Gateway
  4. Common Banking Services

Learn more about Document-Driven Business Process Applications 

What some banking customers say about eFLOW

Mrs. Natasa Petanjek, Manager Data Entry Department,
PBZ American Express, Croatia

“Top Image Systems promised that we would double our production capacity. Once the TIS system entered production we actually more than tripled our production capacity, rising from approximately 200 documents an hour per operator to an average of around 650 documents an hour...In addition, installing TIS’ data capture platform solution, enabled PBZ American Express to decrease the number of personnel from 7 typists that had been processing fifty percent of the forms before the automated system, to 5 typists who now process 100 percent of the forms.”


Mr. Jorge Higashino, Technical Manager
FEBRABAN - Brazilian Banking Federation

"The Brazilian Bank's archives for the Worker's Guarantee Fund included documents in a variety of structured and semi-structured formats, recorded on 12 year old microfiche. The eFLOW Unified Content Platform enabled us to implement a single, efficient solution to manage the data capture and content delivery from all of the different document types."

Mr. Gerard Rumo, IT Consultant
Swiss Postfinance, Switzerland

"We chose TIS for economic and technical reasons. The unparalleled technical abilities enabled us to implement a very complex remote system."

Mr. Martin Lottermoser, Director Process- and Workflow management
SEB Bank, Germany

"TIS’ eFLOW enabled us to capture and archive one million customer files, with a total of 12 million documents, within six months. This resulted in real savings compared to the manual process. Today the information distribution to our service centers is totally done electronically, whereby TIS’ eFLOW system automatically enables the classification of the documents to right applications in the Bank."

To download our eFLOW banking brochure, click here.


eFLOW CPS (Check Processing Solution) provides banks end-to-end processing that streamlines check clearing processes for enhanced operational efficiency by reducing processing time and minimizing costs.  To download a brochure about the eFLOW Check Processing solution, click here.


Combat Financial Crime Effectively with Solutions for Fraud Prevention and Detection, Signature and Document Verification - Listen to our recorded webinar to learn how these latest technologies will help you improve your banking operations, work smarter, and save time.
To download the recorded version of the webinar, click here.