Census Data Capture: Electronic Government Document Processing

Improved Public Administation Services

Increasing pressures to manage immeasurable volumes of paper and information is a serious issue in national, state, and local government sectors. At the same time public sector organizations must deliver public services efficiently and cost-effectively.

The need for a solution that can easily, rapidly, and efficiently transform any inbound information into useful and accessible data, whether it is from mobile, electronic, paper, or other sources, structured, semi-structured or unstructured in form, is clear.

Automating Document Driven Government Processes 

Top Image Systems™ (TIS™) has a proven record in improving efficiency and customer service in the public sector worldwide. TIS’s eFLOW™ with its powerful, intelligent OCR software, enables governments to automatically collect, verify and use critical content and data that is entering their systems in order to drive the services their citizens expect.

Government sectors worldwide use eFLOW for the automation of a variety of business processes, including Purchase-to-Payment, Sales and Purchase orders, Digital Mailroom and Forms Classification. A modular solution, eFLOW enables these organizations to build solutions to meet their specific needs at any given time, adding modules to address new pain points whenever required, in order to ensure maximum return is gained from the initial investment.

Staff gain access to the data they need at the earliest point.  Improved efficiencies and higher data accuracy means that they need spend less time resolving mistakes. Streamlined processes, improved transparency and easy data retrieval makes compliance to standards and regulations simple.

Helping Make e-government a Reality

eFLOW supports public sector initiatives of e-government by enabling the integration of electronic communications via the Internet. eFLOW’s Automatic Response Management enables exceptional customer service on everyday interactions by immediately responding to applications arriving via e-mail and providing an automated accurate, timely, and contextual answer.

eFLOW Forms Processing for Statistical Offices

eFLOW is used by statistical offices worldwide to process country census’ and other statistical projects. High data accuracy and the ability to process high volumes of documents quickly and efficiently has led to eFLOW being selected by governments around the globe for these important projects, and in many instances re-selected for subsequent processing needs.

eFLOW manages all forms of Government Documentation 

  • Population census data capture forms
  • Civil registration forms
  • Birth/death/marriage certificates
  • Driving Licenses
  • Customs forms
  • Election forms
  • VAT forms
  • Identity cards
  • Requests for Passport / Visa / Work Permit
  • Pension forms
  • Social Security forms
  • Income Tax forms

…and many more

Electronic Government Document Processing

eFLOW is comprised of modules that work off a single platform. Each module is designed to address specific business processes - Forms Classification, Mailroom Automation, Purchase-to-Payment, Sales Orders etc., and can be added as required. Government departments can build a solution specific to their needs and adapt it over time to ensure maximum return is gained from the initial investment.

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