Insurance Data Capture & Content Management

Optimizing Document Centric Insurance Business Processes 

The insurance market is highly competitive, with customers willing to switch suppliers frequently. To stay ahead, insurers need to be highly responsive and keep costs low, all the while meeting stringent regulations set down by industry regulators across the globe.

The vast quantity and sheer variety of forms and document types involved in the industry, in addition to the range of channels customers can use complicates communications, and much of the incoming data contains sensitive information. Insurers need processes in place to ensure that data enters systems accurately from all communication channels, is acted on quickly and is held securely in compliance with regulations.

eFLOW® provides insurance companies with a OCR software solution that captures information at the gateway to the organization from all sources (email, paper, fax) and from all formats (structured, semi-structured and unstructured), extracts and classifies the data, and feeds it in to the relevant systems for action.

Digital Mailroom - Over the years TIS has gained unique expertise in the successful implementation of high-volume and complex mailroom automation projects worldwide. Our solution allows all channels of information to be unified in one platform, combined into a single workflow, with all incoming mail handled digitally to populate downstream business systems.

Forms Classification – Automatically extracts information from all types of forms in any format: paper, fax, internet, email, XML and digital images, and transfers the information to any system used by the enterprise.

Signature Verification- eFLOW Signature Verification provides automated verification for signatures on any type of document, including checks, with the highest degree of accuracy. Our specialized tool verifies signatures by comparing them to existing samples and identifies anomalies that may suggest forgery.

Enabling Insurance Companies to respond to their Customers faster 

Insurance companies worldwide use eFLOW for the automation of a variety of business processes , including Purchase-to-Payment, Sales and Purchase orders, Digital Mailroom and Forms Classification. eFLOW's modular architecture allows insurance companies to successfully address current pain points related to electronic document management processing, and expand to other business areas as their needs require. These companies benefit from greater efficiency of business processes across the enterprise, reduced labor costs, and improved customer service, while having total control and transparency and maintaining compliance.

eFLOW manages every type of Insurance Form

  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Doctor's medical report
  • Car policies
  • Accident insurance
  • House/apartment insurance
  • Dental insurance claims
  • Theft insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • General disaster insurance
  • Flood insurance
  • Customer records forms

...and many more

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