Automated Document Management for Business Process Outsourcers (BPO)

Efficient Document Management Solutions for BPOs

Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) and Shared Service Centers operate in a highly competitive market. To stay ahead of competitors, organizations must use the latest technology, offer the highest service levels and keep costs to a minimum. All documents, whatever their format, must be processed quickly and with the highest level of accuracy, and flexibility is needed to adapt to any new form-types as required.

Top Image Systems™ (TIS™) has over 20 years experience of working with leading BPOs and Shared Service Centers across the globe, including Xerox, Williams Lea, Bottomline Technologies, Documetric, Fujitsu Services, Accenture, TCS, DDCOS, Recall, Arthis, Deutsche Post Direct and Alcoa.

TIS’s eFLOW™ platform is used by these companies to capture incoming documents with its OCR software, classify and validate information, and deliver it to the business applications where it is needed.

eFLOW is chosen by BPOs and Shared Service Centers for the high level of data accuracy it achieves, as well as for the flexibility it provides to deal with all documents, whether structured, semi-structured or unstructured, and arriving from any source (email, image, paper, fax). Both printed and handwritten content is captured and processed.

eFLOW helps BPO's automate all types of form and document Processing

  • Payroll forms
  • Wage slips
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Pension Forms
  • Customer application forms

…and many more

eFLOW improves accuracy, speeds processing and eliminates much of the manually labor which would be required, thanks to automatic data capture. Compliance to industry regulations becomes simple with transparency and easily retrievable, accurate data. For BPO’s and Shared Service Centers this translates into better customer service, reduced costs and improved margins.

One platform. Multiple choices.

eFLOW is a modular solution built on a single platform. Each module has been designed for a specific business area, including Digital Mailroom, Forms Classification, Purchase-to-Payment, Sales Orders. Modules can be added at any time as a company requires. Utilizing one platform maximizes the value gained from the initial investment and means BPO’s and Shared Service Centers benefit from a consistent look and feel across all departments, and there is no major technical upheaval as eFLOW is rolled out.

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