Postal Services Data Capture Solutions

Mailroom Automation & Electronic Document Management 

The postal industry has changed significantly as the market has been opened up to competitors across all traditional lines of business – mail and parcel delivery, payments, collections etc. Naturally, these kinds of services all place great importance on timeliness.

Postal services deal with a vast range of document types arriving from a wide variety of sources. Forms processing should be of the highest accuracy and turnaround times need to be swift if companies are to compete in the market successfully. Suppliers must of course comply with all relevant Industry regulations.

eFLOW helps Postal Services companies around the world stay ahead of the game. eFLOW automatically extracts information at the point-of-entry to the organization. Data from all sources and all document types is classified, verified and fed directly to the relevant systems and departments where they are to be actioned. Processes are streamlined and efficiency improved. Customer satisfaction is increased through quicker response times and better service levels. Further, compliance to industry regulations and SLA’s becomes simple with transparent processes and accurate, accessible data.

Types of Postal Forms Automated by eFLOW

  • Registered mail forms
  • Certified mail / return receipt forms
  • Lost mail / package forms
  • Mail notification forms
  • Customer receipts
  • Invoices / purchase orders
  • Customer satisfaction forms
  • Address verification forms
  • Funds and payment transactions

…and many more

One platform. Multiple choices.

Postal services organizations around the globe use eFLOW to automate processes across their business, such as Digital Mailroom, Forms Classification, Sales and Purchase Orders, and Purchase-to-Payment. A modular solution, eFLOW enables these organizations to build a solution to meet their specific needs at any given time, adding modules to address new pain points whenever they require.

What some postal service customers are saying about eFLOW:

Mr. Gerard Rumo, IT Consultant
Swiss Postfinance, Switzerland

"We upgraded to TIS' Integra solution for economical professional and technical reasons. The system's ease of use, in addition to the advanced recognition technology combined with dynamic workflow and eForms, filled all the requirements of this current complex project as well as future projects on one platform."

Gunten Nast
Deutsche Post Germany

"The major advantage of TIS' solution, I see in the fact that it's a real open system, you can get the best engines from all over the world, you can get them voting against each other, and you are really sure that when there is a result, it is the right one."

Ing. Iva Steinerov, Automation and IT Director
Czech Post, Czech Republic

“After we installed the new system with TIS’ platform solution, the productivity of our operators increased dramatically. The successful recognition rate of mainly hand printed payment orders increased remarkably as well... Furthermore, the TIS technology helped us meet the requirements of the new Mail Service Law, which obligates the Czech Post to recognize not only the numeric but also alphanumeric data, such as the payer address and the note for the receiver. Although the number of characters to be recognized increased by more than 100%, the processing time decreased."


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