mobile remote deposit capture

MobiCHECK enables banks to offer their users an advanced service that will save them time and provide them with a superb user experience - the ability to deposit their checks without the need to go anywhere – not to a bank branch, not even to an ATM; they can deposit the check while at home or in any other place – requiring them only to have the check – and their smartphone!

iphone-screenshotMobiCHECK provides a secure solution that integrates to the bank's core systems and deploys innovative capture and recognition algorithms to enable quick and secure deposit of checks via the smartphone.

TIS MobiCHECK remote deposit solution allows a bank customer who owns a smartphone to deposit checks using the camera-equipped smartphone. The users simply take a picture of the check they wish to deposit – and our mobile data capture solution does the rest of the work. The system interfaces with the bank's server to authenticate user credentials; it then processes the image with the mobile OCR software, extracts all required data, and interfaces again with the bank core system via the CHECK21 protocol to process the check. At the end of the process MobiCHECK delivers a confirmation message to the user, or a notification if there is a problem.

MobiCHECK uses TIS developed technology to provide easy-to-use "auto-capture" functionality to the user. This technology is named APMI (Automatic Perfect Mobile Image)  and allows the user to hover with the smartphone above the check; in the split second that the APMI technology identifies that there are good enough conditions to take the picture (lighting, angle, distance, stability and other parameters) it automatically takes the picture. The APMI-based application also helps the user by hinting how the handset should be held (closer, turn right, tilt down) in order to improve the picture. The result is that the user does not have to make endless trials of taking pictures and checking whether they are good enough, or having the system try to enhance them only to find out that there was a part of the check missing or blurry. The picture is taken only once – and is "quality guaranteed" in advance.

MobiCHECK was built to allow banks to provide their customers with an excellent user experience and added value without compromising on quality or security. The critical aspect of the user experience is the ease of capture; our auto capture algorithm, based on our patented APMI technology, creates a friendly application environment for the user.  Users actually have "fun" seeing their checks automatically captured by the mobile capture app on their smartphone – and efficiently deposited to their account.

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