MobiCLOUD  allows a smartphone user to capture virtually any type of document, whether an expense receipt, an insurance claim, a driver’s license, a credit card, etc. and deliver it electronically via the smartphone to the needed destination, operating as a kind of mobile fax.


Almost everyone is aware of the great hassle involved in trying not to lose the hundreds of expense receipts, invoices, and other documents which may be very important for us in our dealings with various agencies such as the IRS for tax filing, our workplace for expense reports and many others. MobiCLOUD allows the end user to capture the document with the smartphone – and MobiCLOUD does the rest. Using APMI-enabled AutoCapture, intelligent recognition, mobile image enhancement and validation algorithms, MobiCLOUD extracts the important data from the documents and stores it on the "cloud" – in the Internet where it can be retrieved at any time and searched using the tags that were indexed by MobiCLOUD.

A key value of the MobiCLOUD technology is in the area of superior image enhancement and intelligent recognition for optimal capture quality.