MobiFLOW uses our vast depth of intelligent recognition algorithms coupled with intimate knowledge of the capture capabilities of mobile devices to provide a platform which is able to capture, parse, recognize and process any document using a smartphone or tablet. Whether a small check or a multi A4 page document, MobiFLOW is able to capture it on the mobile device using MobiFLOW Mobile Data Capture methodology, perform initial parsing and validation, and then send it to the MobiFLOW server for further processing. MobiFLOW turns smartphones and tablets into high performance capture and processing machines and simplifies and streamlines the workflow of document management.

eFLOW® inside

The technology embedded in the mobile solution is based on eFLOW®, TIS's award-winning data capture and workflow platform which includes OCR and ICR engines, technology for intelligent recognition of structured, unstructured and semi-structured documents, automatic learning abilities, rule-based and artificial intelligent mechanisms, combined with mobile enhancement technology.