The eFLOW Platform

Ultimate control for Enterprise Content Management users  

TIS's eFLOW™ takes a holistic view of an enterprise’s document-driven business processes, providing a single platform that is wide and powerful enough to address them all intelligently. eFLOW’s integrated and modular architecture is flexible and responsive to your changing needs. That’s what makes eFLOW a real game-changer in the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and document management software solutions market.

One platform. Multiple choices.

eFLOW is an advanced platform developed entirely within Top Image Systems™ (TIS™) and based on our 20 years of experience. Various international and major enterprises benefit from this expertise and are using the eFLOW single end-to-end
solution to collect information from different types of inbound documents result in usable data delivered to all their ERP, CRM
and workflow systems.

eFLOW is a modular solution based on one platform. Each module has been customized to tackle specific business areas but uses the same underlying technology and format. Companies can target their most urgent problems and then expand the solution through the enterprise as required module by module. Businesses benefit from streamlined processes across the company and a consistent look and feel. eFLOW is a totally scalable solution that will grow with your business. Truly ‘One platform. Multiple choices’.

eFLOW captures all incoming information at the gateway to the business – structured, semi-structured, and unstructured document formats, and from all sources - paper, email and fax. Both printed and handwritten content is processed using our OCR software functionality. Information from documents is automatically extracted, classified and verified, and fed directly in to the systems around the business for action.

How does eFLOW benefit your business?

  • Increased electronic document management efficiency – up to 80% increase
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Minimized risk and better transparency
  • Better internal and external communication
  • Improved agility and innovation
  • Internal control and compliance improved
  • Efficient data archiving and retrieval
  • ROI (return on investment) typically within 12 months or less

Covering major industries

TIS has developed great expertise in providing innovative solutions to a range of vertical markets in both the private and
public sectors. A selection of the industries using the eFLOW solution:

Fast-flowing business processes

eFLOW brings the same high level of accuracy and flexibility to a wide range of essential business processes within the organization. We focus on the following key areas:

Digital Mailroom - Over the years TIS has gained unique expertise in the successful implementation of high-volume and complex mailroom automation projects worldwide. Our solution allows all channels of information to be unified in one platform, combined into a single workflow, with all incoming mail handled digitally to populate downstream business systems.

Purchase-to-Payment (P2P) – With eFLOW, Accounts Payable and Purchasing Departments benefit from a completely streamlined process – from order to payment. Automation provides data of the highest accuracy and means that manual data entry tasks are reduced, improving the productivity of your staff. Integration with financial workflows and ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics and Sage, as well as various financial and purchasing systems further improves the efficiency of your P2P cycle.

Sales and Purchase Orders - eFLOW gives the Sales Department ultimate control in processing their Sales and Purchase Orders quickly, efficiently and correctly - providing more time to generate revenue, and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Forms Classification – Automatically extracts information from all types of forms in any format: paper, fax, internet, email, XML and digital images, and transfers the information to any system used by the enterprise.

Signature Verification- eFLOW Signature Verification provides automated verification for signatures on any type of document, including checks, with the highest degree of accuracy. Our specialized tool verifies signatures by comparing them to existing samples and identifies anomalies that may suggest forgery.

Learn how companies worldwide are successfully using our solutions

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