Compliance and Control

Regulation compliance tools you can trust

With the recent escalation of strict and extensive regulation of both public and private companies, compliance has rocketed to the top of the priority list for board rooms and senior managers.

Organizational success hinges on the ability to proficiently comply with the vast set of rules put forth by global governmental and regulatory bodies, and senior management can be held accountable for non-compliance under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and BASEL II framework. In this environment, compliance must become a new core competency.

As a result, companies must have the systems in place to capture, collect and protect all the information needed for the growing number of reporting requirements. The information needs to be saved and maintained in a format that can be easily accessed and used for analysis and reporting during audits.

With this challenge in mind, Top Image Systems incorporated vital corporate compliance tools into the eFLOW™ platform that will actually enhance the progress of your organization and simplify regulatory compliance by collecting, capturing, processing and delivering information that arrives from every source and through every application in real time.

With the compliance and control tools the eFLOW platform, managers have access to all business-critical financial information at any stage in the lifecycle, creating a higher level of control and a more simplified way to fulfill complex compliance requirements of global regulatory bodies without hindering organizational progress.