eFLOW for Sharepoint

Microsoft - based Enterprise Content Management

eFLOW™ for SharePoint enables document classification and metadata automatically captured from scanned documents to be integrated into the SharePoint environment. The data can be used to locate the correct upload position for the document within the SharePoint site taxonomy, populate document library metadata, select a Content type and populate associated metadata or pass information into a SharePoint workflow process.

Scanned documents can be uploaded either as a standard TIF image, or as a full text PDF file allowing the data captured by eFLOW's OCR software to be indexed by the SharePoint search service.

The latest advances in eFLOW’s mailroom technology also allows for non-scanned documents, such as office documents, emails, faxes and other electronic file formats to be automatically processed by our document management software, using the same technology, providing a single document indexing and classification approach for all documents stored in SharePoint.


The benefits:

  • Possibility of “zero touch” upload of both paper and electronic documents into SharePoint for storage, collaboration and/or workflow routing 
  • Consistent approach to document classification and indexing within SharePoint, reducing the risk of:
    • Misplacing important documents
    • Important workflow processes not being started, due to documents being uploaded into the wrong location or missing/ incorrect indexing data
    • Users adopting local storage mechanisms due to the complexity of uploading and indexing documents