Partner Network

From referral partners to resellers, TIS partners are located strategically worldwide. We offer products and support to serve every market and region.

Why become a TIS partner?

Organizations worldwide join our Partner Program for similar reasons: the versatility of our platform, our global reach, and our commitment to building cloud-enabled and mobile capture solutions.

Partner program

In addition to our advanced capture technology with superior recognition rates, we offer partners an extremely flexible platform that they can build upon to create applications in the cloud, on-premises, and mobile. We focus on enabling our partners to create the precise industry-specific solutions that they desire with the help of our document process automation and workflow platform. We want our partner relationships be mutually beneficial, and we are open to working with your preference of hardware as well as your strategy for enterprise content management.

From referral partners to reseller partners, we provide various levels of partnership to meet your specific requirements and create win-win relationships. The TIS partner community network opens the door further to deeper consultative selling and product expertise. We invite you to get familiar with our products and solutions and contact us when you’re ready to have a discussion.


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