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IDC Buyer Case Study – Bosch Streamlines Invoice Processing

Bosch Streamlines Invoice Processing with Top Image Systems eFLOW

In April 2017, IDC released a Buyer Case Study focused on automated invoice processing featuring the Bosch Group and Top Image Systems.

Bosch Service Solutions processes more than 450,000 invoices per month, from over 100,000 suppliers in different invoicing formats and languages. In addition to supplier data, the invoices also include one of 303 barcode company codes. Using eFLOW, 20-30 fields are recognized on each invoice—and each field has a recognition rate higher than 80%.

This IDC Buyer Case Study looks at how a global supplier of technology and services partnered with Top Image Systems to automate and optimize its invoice processing systems. Organizations that are seeking business value by re-engineering document-intensive workflow can gain valuable insight from these experiences. This IDC Buyer Case Study examines the initial invoice processing workflow, the identified requirements for a new workflow solution, the new deployment, and results.



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  • Processing more than 450,000 invoices per month
  • Invoice field recognition rate of more than 80%
  • 40% of invoices run automatically through the system with no need for manual intervention
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