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The leading platform for managing receivables information--processing over 50 billion transactions

  • How it Works

    Managing more than $360 billion worth of receivables transactions each year in a highly scalable, secure and cost-effective environment

    The top U.S. banks and two of the three largest providers of third-party lockbox processing services have simplified their remittance record management with our cloud-based content management solution. They’ve not only improved compliance, control, and tracking, but are now able to provide quick and easy access to payment data and exceptions transactions when necessary—improving customer service, working capital, audits, and regulatory compliance.

    With state-of-the-art cyber security, our cloud-based repository, eFLOW Remit, provides distributed access to receivables data and related documents—for as long as you need to keep them. It’s been the historical transactional content management solution of choice for the U.S.’s leading banks and third-party lockbox processors for years.


  • Benefits

    The most secure, scalable and cost-efficient receivables automation platform for banks and third-party providers of lockbox processing services

    The top U.S. banks and third-party lockbox processing service providers use our eFLOW Remit solution because it provides the features they want—security, scalability, compliance and control. We provide a secure repository for historical transaction content management, along with customer service features such as exceptions decisioning, search, item maintenance, data exchange with other systems, and reporting. eFLOW Remit ingests more than 500 million images monthly—and has processed more than 50 billion transactions.

    Why should you send your remittance items to the cloud?   

    • Anywhere, anytime access to remittance data. We provide quick and easy access to remittance data so it’s available every time you need it. Authorized users can research, display, download, or export data and related document images—including checks, remittance coupons and advices, lists, invoices, correspondence, and envelopes, from one or more transactions.
    • World-class security and compliance. All documents, data, and images are stored in redundant, geographically distributed data centers with a Tier 4 rating. The centers have a fault-tolerant infrastructure, redundant communications, and 99.995% availability. We are dedicated to maintaining compliance with various regulatory, advisory, and private entities, including PCI, BSA, FFIEC, and HIPAA. We have over 30,000 end users across more than 10,000 organizations.
    • Cost-effective solution for exploding document volumes. Our cloud-based receivables automation platform handles in excess of 50 thousand files daily, with a monthly load volume exceeding 500 million images. The solution was designed to help customers processing large volumes of receivables transactions each month to provide secure online access to data in a cost-effective way. The solution is scalable to your specific needs—it requires no upfront capital investment and no annual maintenance fees.
    • Used by leading banks and third-party processors. Most of the largest third-party lockbox providers and many of the top U.S. banks use eFLOW Remit to provide data and document access to their retail, wholesale, and whole-tail lockbox clients. The applications also provides access to Explanation of Benefits (EOB) data and related document images for medical banking customers.
  • References

    Regional banks to global investment firms trust TIS

    eFLOW Remit is currently used by four of the top five US banks, two of the three largest third-party lockbox providers in the United States, and by over 30,000 individual end users across over 10,000 organizations.

    Quote“Our collaboration with TIS is going to add new and exciting dimensions to our ability to provide insights and analytics on receivables quickly, efficiently and on a fully integrated basis. It’s another example of strategic commitment to excellence as a provider of supply chain services.” BNY Mellon Inks Deal with TIS for Remittance Service

    Quote“By providing on-demand access to images and data, the eGistics archive helps our lockbox clients make faster and better cash management decisions, while ultimately improving our customer service, operations efficiency and profitability.” FirstBank Deploys eGistics Hosted Archive

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    BrochureDid you know that the largest third-party lockbox providers and many of the top U.S. banks use eFLOW Remit to provide data and document access to their retail, wholesale and whole-tail lockbox clients? Check out this brochure to explore our suite of solutions for banking and financial services organizations

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