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Protect your customers against identity theft and the most accurate and cost-effective manner.

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    Reduce fraud and increase efficiency with Automated Signature Verification (ASV)

    Identity theft is a major and ever-growing problem across the globe, and exposure to payment fraud is greater than ever before. Even with the introduction of new authentication mechanisms, signatures continue to serve as the traditional basis for proof of identity and authorization of transactions.

    Why automate signature verification?

    Signature fraud is not always evident to human operators. It can be difficult for the human eye to accurately identify fraudulent signatures, as the individual intricacies of each signature vary each time a person signs. For businesses reliant on signatures, eFLOW Signature Verification is faster, more cost-effective and accurate than humans—and it routinely outperforms similar solutions in customer benchmarks.

    eFLOW Automated Signature Verification (ASV) targets offline signature matching, which is essential in various banking operations such as inward cheque clearing, manual fund transfer, and outward remittance. Instead of employing operators to perform manual signature comparisons on all transactions daily, the ASV engine automatically performs this task. Human operators are only alerted when questionable cases call for human verification.

    The uniqueness of a signature is defined by its collective characteristics. Signature comparisons seek out the differences in two signatures compared side by side. The comparison of their collective properties and differences reveals the degree of potential for forgery.

    How Automated Signature Verification (ASV) works:

    • Signatures are verified by comparing them automatically against previously gathered reference signatures
    • ASV provides a “level of confidence” on the matching rate of the two signatures
    • Signatures that do not pass the matching rate are flagged for a user to verify manually
    • Verification results are provided through a graphical user interface, enabling operators to see problem areas quickly and clearly

    What makes eFLOW Automated Signature Verification a great solution?

    • Automated Signature Verification is independent of signature image resolution
    • Utilizes impartial ASV algorithm that does not succumb to fatigue or prejudice
    • Combines six verification methods with distinct capabilities to analyze the unique features of the signature
    • No need to use master signature images in real-time signature matching process
    • Matching rate based on image analysis and pattern recognition technology
    • Automatic detection and cropping of signature
    • Eliminates background “noise” from signature images to ensure accurate reading
    • Verification of one or more signatures from the same document
      • Increases efficiency in bulk processing
    • Adaptable ASV configuration; built on highly flexible eFLOW platform

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    A precise, in-depth approach to signature comparison

    In every signature comparison, each signature is segmented into 21,000 feature points, which are compared against the master signature. The signature characteristics are expressed as the following six properties: gravity grid, skyline, bottomline, enclosed areas, shadow areas, and intersections.

    The ASV also converts these six properties into digital signals, allowing the engine to perform signature comparison between the signals from the master signature and the transactional signature. This approach provides several advantages:

    • Performing signature comparisons using digital signals, the ASV engine functions independent of the signature image resolution (DPI). Signature images do not have to be in certain formats or resolutions for comparison.
    • As the ASV engine works with digital signals, the master images can be pre-converted, making comparisons more efficient.
    • Once digital signals are created, there is no need to reference the existing signature database. Although the digital signals can help represent the signatures, they cannot reproduce the signature images, improving security.
  • Signature Verification System

    A Comprehensive Solution: eFLOW Signature Verification System (SVS)

    The eFLOW Signature Verification System extends the capabilities of ASV to offer comprehensive signature processing, including repository management, automatic signature verification, and automatic mandate verification. The eFLOW Signature Verification System can operate as a standalone, or it can be coupled with existing signature systems.

    Repository Management – Holds signature and mandate information; can also point to an existing repository. While SVS works with most signature repositories, it also provides the capability to perform signature detection, ASV, mandate management, and validation.

    Automatic Signature Verification – eFLOW SVS allows the comparison of signatures on any documents (manual payment, checks, account servicing activities, etc.).

    Automatic Mandate Verification – After Automatic Signature Verification has determined the signer of the transaction, Automatic Mandate Verification verifies that the identified signer is authorized to endorse the transaction. Mandates are made up of business rules that tie conditions to the appropriate signers. The Mandate Verification module can either host the mandate data in the repository, or refer to the existing mandate database.

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