AP Automation

Powerful data extraction, automatic validation with exception handling workflows, mobile capabilities, flexible deployment options, and ERP integration

  • How it Works

    A flexible AP automation solution that works the way you do

    Our accounts payable automation solution employs invoice capture and workflow automation to streamline and improve invoice management from the moment invoices enter your organization until they’re paid. It’s a flexible solution based on twenty years’ experience deploying successful invoicing projects globally that can reliably and efficiently interact with your underlying financial system–in the exact manner that you want to work.

    What is your desired level of accounts payable automation?   

    You don’t have to change the way you work to automate AP processes. Our accounts payable automation solution works the way you do. Whether your business need is simple cloud capture of invoice data, capture automation for your on-premise ERP, invoice workflow and exception handling, or complete end-to-end AP automation, we have a solution to meet your needs.

    The unique technology behind TIS AP automation is the eFLOW platform. eFLOW captures, classifies, approves, and validates virtually any invoice. It doesn’t matter what size or format the invoice is in, or where it originates. It integrates with financial workflow and ERP systems, as well as with various financial and purchasing systems. And it’s highly scalable. eFLOW AP automation is a solution that brings value to businesses of all sizes and all desired levels of invoice processing automation.

    • Extract

      Automatically captures data on incoming invoices

      Handles all invoices—paper, email, fax, web, EDI, and electronic invoice; mobile capture included

      Extracts invoice data, applying recognition rules and confirming match with master data

      Handles recognition exceptions with on-the-fly self-learning technology

    • Control

      Single point of visibility to entire invoice process

      Automatically checks and validates invoice data in SAP, and completes missing business data

      Automatically posts invoices with no outstanding business issues

      Distribute and prioritize workload to AP staff

      Reverses invoices Uses standard SAP transactions when desired

      Provides onboard analytics

    • Resolve

      Automatically start exception handling workflows

      Performs coding and approval

      Applies segregation of duties rules

      Uses existing chart of authority structures

    • Portal

      Supplier communication portal

      Invoice status lookup

      PO info

      Invoice submission

      Discount offers

      Dispute resolution

      Vendor master change process

    • Cloud Archive

      Secure cloud archive stores invoice images and process information such as workflow logs

      Store and retrieve data and images

      Reporting and analytics

      Fulfills audit and compliance requirements

  • Benefits

    What do organizations like yours gain from AP automation?

    • Automating invoice processing alone can reduce Accounts Payable costs by as much as 80%.
    • Automating the outlying manual processes that feed your ERP system with financial data enables an even greater yield from your ERP investment.
    • With shortened invoice cycle times, AP departments can finally take advantage of early payment discounts.
    • Mobile invoice approval capabilities further expedites invoice cycle times.
    • With an increased level of straight-through processing, you can better utilize your human capital.
    • Gain visibility into the transaction cycle and payment liabilities to make more informed business decisions in respect to cash flow.
    • Take advantage of having a built-in audit trail of invoice process activity and data to facilitate compliance.
    • Improved vendor relations by paying suppliers in accordance with contract terms…ultimately resulting in higher discounts for your business.
  • References

    Why take our word for it? Let our customers tell you what they’ve achieved with AP automation from TIS.

    Customer quoteBosch Streamlines Invoice Processing with eFLOW
    IDC released a Buyer Case Study detailing the results of Bosch’s improved invoice processes, handling more than 450,000 invoices per month from over 100,000 suppliers in different invoicing formats and languages. Bosch first started using eFLOW for invoices in 2007, and is currently working with TIS to upgrade to the latest version. Read the full report.

    Customer quoteCNH Optimizes Invoice Processing with eFLOW Accounts Payable
    EDI visualization; smooth integration with SAP; 80% of payments validated by eFLOW and posted automatically. CNH gets a robust, scalable solution to automatically process all types of invoices on a single platform. Read the full story. 

    Customer quoteSauels AG Reduces Invoice Processing Time and Increases Transparency with eFLOW AP
    “TIS’ incoming invoice workflow and the invoice ledger are some of our most frequent SAP transactions. We wouldn’t want to work without automated invoice processing and digital access to our invoices.” Read the full story.



  • Get Started

    Ready to take the next step?

    End-to-end Accounts Payable processing visibility, shortened cycle times, reduced costs. Interested in improving your invoice processing? Here’s what we recommend checking out as a next step…

    videoSpend a valuable hour getting familiar with what our AP automation solution offers in this webinar recording, which includes an in-depth demo of our AP automation for SAP solution.
    Check out what Ralph Gammon had to say about TIS AP Automation in the Document Imaging Report:

    “TIS is no neophyte when it comes to selling into the A/P space, including SAP integration. Its current install based utilizes eFLOW to process some 250 million invoices per year. Its invoice processing customers include Bosch Service Solutions (300,000 invoices per month), ENEL power generation (7-8 million invoices per year), and CNH America, a subsidiary of Fiat (53,000 invoices per month in an SAP environment).”  Read the full article. 

    Customer quoteReport: Top Image Systems was selected by CIOReview as one of the 20 Most Promising SAP Solution Providers for 2017. The selection was made following extensive analysis of over 300 companies offering add-ons to SAP solutions. Read the report to find out why eFLOW AP was recognized. 

    brochureChecklist: 10 “Must-Haves” from an AP Automation Solution
    As a final step, we invite you to use this 10-point checklist to guide your evaluation of AP automation solutions, and give us a call when you’re ready to discuss.

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